1. Intelligent can factory

Taking the industry 4.0 as the general idea, the company “excavates the potential of resource energy conservation and raises the level of green manufacturing”, and combines the characteristics of the process of the canning industry to make unremitting efforts to achieve the goal of intelligent can making. We make full use of advanced technologies such as RFID, high frequency induction, soft switching, intelligent systems, servo control, and perceptual recognition to develop a new generation of low carbon can workshop technology system and solutions for green canning environment. With the help of Internet technology transfer, the digital remote control and energy-efficient control technology of can manufacturing equipment is studied to overcome the energy efficiency dynamics of the production process, ubiquitous perception and lean control, in terms of automation degree, performance stability, flexibility adaptability, production efficiency, etc. The parties have achieved different levels of breakthroughs and realized the intelligent interoperability management mode between Xinqing Company and the can manufacturer.

The intelligent can making system in the future industrial 4.0 environment will bring us unlimited possibilities, and Xinqing Company will work hand in hand with the can manufacturer.

2. Deepen the three-piece can field

With the continuous improvement of canning requirements, our company has developed and produced automatic tinplate handling machine, automatic powder coating machine, high-speed intelligent resistance welding can body welding machine, energy-saving electromagnetic induction dryer, automatic metal can leak detector. Such as canning equipment, delivered and harvested the unanimous approval of the majority of users.

Our company will continue to deepen the research on three-piece can production equipment, pursue the development of higher-speed, higher-performance equipment, respond to the improvement of canning requirements, and deepen the optimization of various canning processes; provide customized customization according to customer needs.

3. Develop personalized two-piece can production equipment

Since the production process of the three-piece can is complicated, there are too many nodes to be controlled. In recent years, the use of coated iron and coated aluminum to form a two-piece can, the production process is relatively simple, by squeezing, eliminating the need for welding, recoating, drying, sealing the bottom cover, etc.; Membrane aluminum is excellent in food safety. There is no risk of traditional metal cans such as bisphenol A, melamine, plasticizer and formaldehyde. From material to process, food safety risks can be avoided. Two-piece cans will become the future. The new darling of the metal packaging market.

Shantou Xinqing Can Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary company of Shantou Xinlian CNC Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development and production of two-piece tank ramming equipment. The equipment has the characteristics of high efficiency, low failure, intelligence and artificial safety, and is suitable for production. Various round cans, square cans, and elliptical cans; single or multiple channels can be customized according to actual capacity requirements.