NEW DODO-700 Intelligent Can Body Welding Machine

Main Features

1.Advanced design concept, realizing the high speed production process of flexing, rounding and welding of 3-piece cans.

2.Stable and intelligent electrical control system: man-computer interface device, PLC system, servo system

3.Adjustable electronic static inverter power supply (SPWM), which is energy saving and stable.

4.Special rounding and flexing device, with excellent sheet flexing, round forming and anti-scratching. And suitable for wide range quality of tinplate.

5.Two steps and 4 servo can feeding system, to make a stable and quiet can feeding with high speed.

6.Ceramic and carbide material with good quality and super abrasive resistance for the key spare parts.

7.Non-mercury welding device, remote control system, welding seam detecting system are available to be equipped.

NEW DODO-700主要性能参数:Technical Specification

焊接速度/ Welding speed


生产速度/ Production speed


焊点间距/welding points distance


搭接宽度/ Overlap


材料厚度/ Sheet thickness


罐身内径/ Can inner diameter


罐身外高/ Can height


制罐材料/ Material

电镀锡板/Tinplate,电镀镍板/Ni plate

镀锡量/ Tin coating

锡/Tin 5#~100#



铜线直径/ Copper wire


输入电源/ Power supply

三相电压/Three phase  Voltage:380V

频率/ Frequency:50Hz

总功率/Power consumption:50kw

焊接频率/ Welding frequency


冷却水/ Cooling water

>0.4MPa , ≤20℃, 60L/min

压缩空气/ Compressed air

>1m³/min , >0.6MPa