Waste gas treatment equipment for can making machinery

2019-08-03  2227

The activated carbon adsorption tower is a purification device for treating organic waste gas and odor treatment effects. Activated carbon adsorption is an effective measure to remove water odor, natural and synthetic dissolved organic matter, micro-polluting substances, and the like. Most of the relatively large organic molecules, aromatic compounds, halogenated alkyne, etc. can be firmly adsorbed on the surface of the activated carbon or in the voids, and have obvious removal effects on humus, synthetic organic matter and low molecular weight organic matter. As a deep purification process, activated carbon adsorption is often used in the final treatment of wastewater, and can also be used for purification of long-term water and domestic water.

Technical proof: 1. Filter cartridge filtration, large filter area, long replacement cycle of filter cartridge, high filtration efficiency and low replacement cost. 2, the product is small, with brakes, can be easily moved in different workplaces. 3, the flexible suction arm pulls the telescopic freely, can rotate 360 degrees, arbitrarily hover, increase the purification area. 4, built-in smoke filtration cycle to avoid indoor air conditioning / heating to the outside. 5. Low power and low energy consumption. 6. Low noise design working principle: Through the gravitational action of the fan, the welding fumes are sucked into the air inlet of the device through the universal suction hood, and the flame arrester is arranged at the air inlet of the device. The spark is blocked by the flame arrester, and the gas enters the sedimentation chamber and utilizes Gravity and updraft, the particles are trapped on the outer surface by the filter element, and the clean gas is filtered and purified by the filter element and discharged through the air outlet.

The main elements of volatile organic compounds in these catalytic combustion equipment include: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons such as sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen, halogenated hydrocarbons, hydrocarbons, etc. Pollution of the environment, these VOCs can also threaten the health of human beings, enter and harm people in people's breathing. Therefore, in the era of science and technology, volatile organic waste gas must be treated to control the organic waste gas to the corresponding concentration. Why is the application of catalytic combustion equipment so extensive, which is inseparable from the advancement of technology. In view of the surface of a large number of high-tech products, paints, plastics, chemicals and other chemical materials will be used to solve the problem. When these organic substances are utilized, they are caused to form a large amount of volatile organic waste gas.