Historical review of canning resistance welder equipment

2019-08-03  1627

The earliest empty tank body welding was tin-lead welding, which was possible to contaminate internal foods, and the efficiency was low, the number of processes was high, and the quality was not easy to guarantee. Then the can-resistance resistance welding machine was born.

The world's first can-resistance welding machine (line extrusion welding, butterfly welding) was invented by Suudronic AG. The company was founded in 1953. In 1959, the world's first semi-automatic resistance welding can body can be successfully developed. It uses butterfly welding with a welding speed of 12 m/min. The welding control components are electron tubes and manual can welder production. The speed is about 30 cans/min; by 2013, the company's fully automatic resistance welding can body production machine can reach a speed of 1000 cans/min and the welding speed is 105 m/min, which is equivalent to the average annual production speed of the can welding machine. 19 cans/min.

The Swiss Can Company was founded in 1940 and was developed into the first can-resistance welding machine (butterfly welding) in 1974. Before the acquisition of Sudronic in 1995, the automatic welding machine SSW21 and HSP produced a speed of 600 cans/ Points and 700 cans / min, welding speed of 68 m / min and 80 m / min (according to relevant information, in 1986 began to develop 1000 can / min speed can welding machine, but no mature products on the market), development After 21 years, the average annual production rate of the can welder increased by 33 cans/min.

Swiss can company, established in 1992, started from manual canning resistance welding machine. By 2013, the automatic canning resistance welding machine X1 has a speed of 650 cans/min. It has been used for 21 years and the average annual can welding The production speed of the machine is increased by 31 cans/min.

Founded in 1900, the Italian canning company began to develop a can-resistance welding machine (previously a tin-lead-welding can welder) in 1985. By 2013, the automatic can-resistance welding machine produced a speed of 700 cans/min. After 28 years, the average annual production rate of the can welder increased by 25 cans/min.

In 1983, China began to develop a resistance welding can making machine, following the quality requirements of the world's metal cans, and completely eliminated the empty cans with tin lead welding. The first fully automatic electric resistance welding can machine was successfully developed around 1984, and the output speed was 80-150 cans/min. By 2013, the output speed of the welding machines of several manufacturers reached 600 cans/min, which took 30 years. The average annual can welder production speed is increased by about 20 cans per minute.

The Taiwanese can making company was founded in 1980. In 2013, the maximum production speed of canned resistance welding machine reached 600 cans/min. It took about 33 years, and the average annual production rate of can welding machine increased by about 18 cans/min.

According to the above historical information statistics, the world canning resistance welding machine production speed is increased by 18 to 33 cans per minute per year, and the production speed of the canning resistance welding machine is increased by about 25 cans per minute on average. According to this development speed, it is expected that from 2013 to 2033, if the main structure of the can welder is unchanged, the maximum speed of the can welder will reach 1500 cans/min.